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Chateau Townhomes for rent. Fully furnished, five minutes walk from Bourbon street and its nightlife. Spacious and full of light, panoramic view of the sea from bedroom and bathroom. Must see.

Contact 555-5812487 Milla ((Milla Umarov))

chateau_apartments2((OOC TheChateau Townhomes constitute of 4 independent units, each with a double entrance.
The apartments develop on 3 floors: kitchen/living on the ground floor; bedroom on the first and bathroom on the third.

They are fully furnished and include an adult bedroom and bath with XX animations. All the furniture is top quality and a lot of attention has been put in order to make them realistic and cozy.
There is everything you need, but you still have a 5 prims allowance to personalize the room, rez poseballs or unpack boxes.

If you want to change details, move or get rid of furniture (i.e. the bathroom can become an additional bedroom), it can be arranged. 375/pw, tp here

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vodou/35/214/34 ))

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