Response To Letter About HGC Policies

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As a responsible broadcaster Hathian TV takes our responsibilities very seriously. Our policies were formulated after a long half hour board meeting at the highest level of management, we even had to send for biscuits and tea because the meeting went on for so long!

We cannot discuss the individual backgrounds of our contestants out of respect for their privacy, but we invite our viewers to decide for themselves on their personalities by watching the live feed from our hidden cameras in the showers.

Hathian TV believes in the emancipation of women. We have taken a group of useless girls and have elevated them onto the highest pedestal of reality TV stardom and fame, what could be more worthwhile?

Gone are the days when our Bad Girls used to be anonymous slaves who had to cook, iron and clean for their boyfriends! Now they will be unable to walk down the street without being the subject of adulation, shouts, wolf whistles and unsolicited sexual advances from builders. All thanks to our show!

All our contestants are provided with compassionate 24 hour counselling via video-link to Fred, our in-house sexual predator who has an intimate knowledge of women and their needs since his release from the secure psychiatric wing. They can discuss their inner most desires, thoughts and feelings in privacy, tune into our 24/7 webcam to see for yourself!

So please, do not shoot the messenger, instead let us have some respect for our wonderful Bad Girls. Let us not see them as objects, but worship them as individuals with talent. To assist our viewers in doing this here are some helpful stats:

Name – Breast Size

Clover Fordyce – 34C

Lynx Debruyere – 34D

Slushie Sweets – 36B

Danika Worclaw – C

Dee Geist – 38D

Natalie Naybeck – 34C

Dani Lavendel – DD

Neive Lane – B


Yours SIncerely,

HTV Producers

P.S. Look out for our DVD box set in the shops, including extras such as: ‘Best ass and minge close-ups’, ‘Lesbian Lust Compilation’ and ‘Smack that Bitch up – top ten fights’

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