HPD: Worse then We Thought?

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Corruption, brutality and much more is all normal in Hathian Police Department, anyone who has been in Hathian long enough knows that. However, it seems like the nature of the people supposed to protect our city is far worse then we had thought, one of the Reapers who will remain unnamed at this time gave this statement today.

“I was in the jail, being beaten raped and starved..They hosed [Blank] down, I think there were water puddles left in the jail cell block all night and day. She was naked shivering and she passed out from hypothermia, I think. They kept her cuffed to the bars of the jail cell for 2 days! Oh, and I had a god dam gun shoved up my cunt by some pissed off midget!”

The Reaper who made the statement is one of the many witnesses to these inhumane crimes committed by the police, making it seem that the new head of the department has done nothing to repair HPD, if not make it worse.

How much more violence and sexual abuse will it take for the US Government to finally intervene? This reporter will continue to find out more about this and bring it to the people of Hathian.

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