Reapers Attacked, Branded By HPD

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Tensions between the Reapers and the Hathian Police Department hit an all time high Monday night when a small group of the infamous gang members were attacked by police.

Four Reapers, three females and one male, were found handcuffed to the electrical tower outside the Daily Grind, two of which appeared to be freshly discharged from the hospital, while one seemed to be recently released from prison.

Two female officers, Jessica Susser and one that can only be identified as Skye, were seen openly torturing the four gang members with a branding iron. Clothes were removed, and the criminals were often groped at times by Susser before being branded with the scalding metal.

The condition of the victims is unknown at this point, though it is assumed that there were no extensive injuries other than the superficial burns.

This is likely in retaliation to the continuing tit-for-tat conflict that was started by the death of Officer Andrea Mizser at the hands of Cymbal Sterling, gang leader, and one of her underlings, Tito Dinelli.

With the history of gang violence and police corruption in Hathian, this most likely won’t be the last of the war between the two factions.

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