An Open Letter to the HPD and Hathian

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Hathian Police Department –

Too long the citizens of this city have lived in greater fear of the police that should be protecting them than the criminals that roam the streets.  I say this as one of them, a criminal, who became one once upon a time because I could not get help from the people tasked with protecting the people.

One of your officers has committed a grievous wrong.  She shot me.  I don’t normally question being shot.  I’m a criminal.  But when an officer shoots a heavily pregnant woman, in the stomach, for doing nothing criminal… there is a problem.

I’m going to give you a chance to right this.  Turn over the cop, a redheaded woman by the surname Markus, to me.  If you will not do this, then punish her for her actions as any suitable police force would do.

Or do nothing.  But if you do nothing then I will summon my fellow criminals, my fellow Reapers, and we will reap this city.  We will riot and wail and storm and fight and not cease until something is done to make this right.

Four babies died.

Make it right.  Show this city you are a just department of the law.  The Reapers will stay quiet and behaved as we have for some time.  Or do not.  And we will resurface with a vengeance.

The clock is ticking.

Tick Tock,



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