Another HPD Abuse Story

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On August 22 around 4:30PM SLT, Cy Megadon, a lawyer for Civil Services, was stopped by Officer Korba Wayne of the Hathian Police Department and his partner for a bench warrant.  The bench warrant was for a parking ticket that Mr. Megadon had paid the previous day.

This was not Megadon’s first encounter with Wayne and his sadistic behavior.  This scene of police abuse and crime committed by Wayne was recorded on cell phone video by Megadon’s work associate.

When Megadon was first approached by the police, he thought they were responding to a complaint he had made the prior day on behalf of one of his many clients that report HPD abuse, but Wayne immediately threatened Megadon by telling Megadon that he might have a couple of trips and falls on the way to the station house.

A video recording shows Wayne demanding a witness’s cell phone in an attempt to destroy evidence of his crime.  Wayne was caught on this video using his taser on Megadon, while Megadon was handcuffed and cooperating with the two officers.

Megadon’s receipt of payment for the parking ticket was found in Megadon’s wallet by Wayne’s partner, Krystal O’Neil.  Wayne started his assault on Megadon, by using a taser and attempting to knee him in the groin while Megadon was restrained. Megadon defended himself by landing a kick to Wayne’s chin after Wayne started the assault. Megadon was knocked to the ground face down while still cuffed by O‘Neil’s baton blow. Wayne is caught on video stabbing Megadon in the back with a knife after this fall.

A crime that is clearly being committed by a cop and with other cops and civilian witnesses watching.  Megadon was taken to the ER for treatment of his wound.

After Megadon was discharged from the hospital, Megadon presented himself in the police station to file a complaint against Wayne. Megadon demanded that Wayne be put under arrest for his crime. Megadon provided a copy of the video evidence to Lieutenant Susser and an actual witness list of Wayne’s assault, But Susser referred Megadon to [email protected], their internal affairs officer. Obviously, HPD can commit crimes with impunity and Wayne is being protected behind the wall of blue.

Megadon continues to walk free on the streets of Hathian despite Wayne’s false criminal report and arrest warrant against Megadon for the events described above. Lieutenant Susser did not take Megadon into custody when she had a clear opportunity to do so. Megadon will give Wayne’s bogus arrest warrant all the respect that it deserves and until he sees an arrest warrant put out on Wayne.

It appears that the only defense Hathian citizens may have against corrupt and sadistic cops is exercising their own form of vigilante justice.

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