First Responder Reported Missing

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A man has been missing for more than 24 hours after disappearing this weekend. Phillip Aubin, 28, is a well known member of the community and was reported missing Monday afternoon.

Aubin’s girlfriend, the Observer’s own Editor in Chief Valena Dowe, stated that he was supposed to be at her house for dinner, and when he failed to show up, she began to worry.

In addition to failing to make it to her house, he also never made it the Fire Department of Hathian, where he is a newly promoted Lieutenant, after telling Dowe that he was going to check the rosters before meeting her.

Aubin was last seen at Lou’s on Sunday evening, which is known from a tweet he sent out at around nine in the evening. “Whiskey at Lou’s seems a bit different tonight, feeling a bit woozy too, hope I ain’t coming down with anything,” he posted.

He is rather tall, and has brown eyes and brown hair, with a well kept beard, and is often seen wearing a baseball cap with an American flag on the front.

A missing persons report has been filed, and officers are reportedly following a lead regarding and albino male, who have attacked the couple multiple times, and his girlfriend. Anyone with leads are asked to report to the Hathian Police Department.

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