HPD Maintains Low Standards With Public Infighting

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During the Mardi Gras party on March 4th, police were called to the defense of a festival attendee who had fallen to the street and declared he was robbed. The unidentified woman accused of the theft was immediately subdued with several questionably excessive kicks to the ribs.

The arresting officer, later identified as Officer Tate was approached by fellow officer, Stone.  The two were seen in public dispute that turned physical, one of the officers going so far as to draw and threaten use of her police issue baton.  The officers were split by former HPD Chief Hendrich Andel and sent their separate ways.

A high ranking source at the Hathian Police Department who wishes to remain anonymous stated, “It just shows how unprofessional they are.” When questioned about the disciplinary action that could be taken against the officers, the source stated that there were procedures in place to discipline officers, but that the responsibility to follow through with any action would be in the hands of former Chief Andel.

“It will never stop,” the source speculated, “the people on top are the most corrupt officers of them all, and as far as I know, HPD has always been corrupt. It will remain that way with the people who are in charge now.”

Details surrounding the March 2nd hit and run of a Hathian citizen by a HPD officer also remain sketchy.  There is no record of accused officer O’Ren Ishii being subject to investigation at this time.

Both cases are an unwelcome reminder of the department’s reputation for corruption and brutality and neither come as a surprise to Hathian residents. “Everyone knows it’s out there,” one local man stated, which begs the question of why no one is doing anything to call the department to task.

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