Vudu Comes to Hathian

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Word on the street is that Hathian has a new little head shop that is rather unique in every way. Well, the rumors are true! Vudu Spice is a brand new shop located just behind Comiquities that offers more than just your basic tobacco and various smoking paraphernalia. It is also a place that brings around that touch of voodoo culture to the streets of Hathian, something this city has never really seen before.

The little shop was finally built just a few weeks ago, and has already proven that it will be a successful business. If the quality of tobacco doesn’t catch your attention, perhaps the wide selection of hookahs and bongs will. The stores manager, Amber Sinclaire, has even made an effort to bring in unique lighters for those that are looking to stand out in a smoking circle.

The products are guaranteed to be excellent quality, and to be extra sure of that, it’s been said that they are even growing their own herbs for “herb blends” that will be sold to special customers who come looking.

The most unique portion of the shop would have to be the voodoo atmosphere, which is something that surprisingly hasn’t been seen in Hathian before. With New Orleans just a hop, skip, and a jump away, it was bound to influence our streets sooner or later.

Those that might be practitioners of the craft, or even looking to learn about it, will be happy to know that it has supplies for various rituals on hand and ready to go. It’s even rumored that there might be regular classes starting up soon, as well, to educate those that want to immerse themselves in the voodoo beliefs.

Whatever your reason may be for checking out this new addition, whether its out of morbid curiosity, or an actual intention to purchase some products or practice a hex or two, it will surely prove not to disappoint the masses.

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