Doctor Misuses Medical Supplies, Assaults Citizen

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“She walked up and asked me how I did my hair. ‘Cause of the blue highlights. I told her bleach and then turned..then suddenly bam! Needle in the back and the world started spinning. And then to top it off, they pulled out knives! Like I was some huge threat when I couldn’t get off the floor.”

SADIE2_001Sadie Stoneage,29, recounted to the Hathian Observer her experience of a “citizen’s arrest” made recently  by doctors Enjoli Delacour and Viktor Blanchett. Stoneage and a friend were detained by the two doctors when the doctors decided they were dealing with suspects in the Evelyn Placebo murder case.

“I remember they called the cops and were aiming the knives at us..they were threatening us, but the cops showed up at that point and then it all gets a little hazy.”

Stoneage, an employee at the pet store on Hathian Highway stated,  “They didn’t know me from Adam. I could have had some fucking allergy to the shit in that needle and she could have killed me. On what? A hunch? Her fucking Clue Jr version of police work? They weren’t cops or detectives and if they had information they thought was relevant they should have taken it to the cops.”

“What they did was no better then what any of the other cracked out, doped up gang bangers around here do. They formed their own version of the law and roll with it and just expect everyone to accept it as fact,” accuses Stoneage.

She claimed she received no warning from the Dr. Delacour before being injected with the sedative, and went on to say there was a lack of an investigation over the case, which her and her friend were ultimately charged with murder.

“For fucks sake, our case didn’t even get an investigation. They just took a simpering, drug wielding woman’s word and charged us. They had no proof, very circumstantial evidence, and no confession. OJ Simpson better thank his black ass his murder case wasn’t in Hathian or I bet you any amount that glove would have fucking fit.”

When contacted, Dr. Takahiro Ugimachi, medical examiner and administrator at Hathian’s General Hospital, responded to the Hathian Observer with this statement: “There was no abuse of medical supplies, the woman’s a hero. If you pursue this matter expect a lawyer’s visit.” According to an official source, doctors are allowed to carry some sedatives outside of the hospital,  to be used in home visits.

ENJOLI4_001Dr. Delacour did however choose to speak to the Observer, and stated, “Persons posing a threat to others, such as those who are actively violent, appear belligerent and hostile, and those who express intent to harm another person…Such as Sadie was to Viktor….may be subdued via a chemical restraint by a trained professional licensed and approved to use such methods. Such as myself.”

However when the video tapes were taken in for viewing evidence by the officers, it did not appear that Stoneage and her friend were posing any physical threat. Stoneage appeared to be turned towards her friend, back towards both doctors and unarmed herself.

Hathian General Hospital has seen some dishonest and mentally unstable medical staff causing problems in and out of the hospital before, and with it’s staff attempting to take the law as part of their responsibility to citizens of Hathian, it could create even more problems and cause difficulties in police work for the HPD.

Stoneage also claims that the case did receive a proper investigation and charges were filed against her and her friend due to an incident against a cop involving physical injury. While doctors might be legally allowed to perform citizen’s arrest, the details in this incident seem to be blurred on legalities.

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