Blackout Persists, Hathian, District 8 Still In The Dark

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While Tropical Storm Karen has passed, her effects still linger, causing not only huge set backs for city staff, especially since the government shutdown is still in effect, but for anyone in need of medical or police assistance.

Electricity has been restored to the outlying districts of Vodou, Black Bottom, and Devil’s Pocket, while Rougarou, District 8, and the downtown core of Hathian still remain in the dark. Rougarou, the lowest lying district, is also still flooded, and water is currently be pumped out.

Even with the power outage persisting, many businesses and operations have generators going to keep them functioning at basic levels. Hathian General, one of the most essential institutions in the city, has been forced to its knees without electricity.

“We’ve had to disable all non-essentials, and we are not sure how much longer the generators can keep the machines running,” says Dr. Ugimachi, administrator at the hospital. “We are hoping they last another 24 [hours] or more, but [it’s] not likely.”

Dr. Ugimachi assures that if power is not restored before the generators run out of fuel, patients will still be taken care of to the staff’s best ability. Critically ill patients will be transported to other hospitals and care centers, while patients who do not need machines to heal will stay at Hathian General.

“We are also short staffed as some of our nurses and doctors are stranded or unable to find a way to get here. But I assure you, we’ve managed to keep on top of things here,” says Dr. Ugimachi, remaining optimistic despite the situation.

He also advises all patients with minor illnesses like colds to stay at home and use over the counter medications to get better so the hospital can conserve power for those who need it.

It is estimated that as much as 15,000 people are still without electricity, and have been so since Saturday evening. Mayor Robert Boxer, who is notorious for his aloof style of city management, insists that workers are doing their best to restore power to all of those who are still without.

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