Self-Proclaimed Sherlock Holmes Lays Down Facts On Gein Burger Scandal

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Dear whom it may concern,

I’m writing to you because there are a few points I want to make regarding the last article about The Gein causing heart attacks.

According to my sources, Kirvi Caspian pushed Ellis Millet to eat the food she was offering. Not only that, according to Ellis (which he claimed the tape also revealed), he did not eat anything right before or after the food was distributed to him. Why wouldn’t he believe it was her food that caused it? That’s the logical explanation, is it not? Ellis also claims that there was no footage of the victim taking any sort of drugs. The only things consumed were the Gein food. (The footage was taken right away by the HPD so there is no proof of the validity of his statements regarding it.)

It is also illogical to think Ellis would intend to take X by his own accord. X is a stimulant that quickens the heart rate and causes an excessive amount of sweating. Given Ellis’ well-known heart conditions, it would cause issues (possibly fatal) for him. He is lucky he didn’t have a heart attack, unlike the pig man, Milo, who notably only eats from the Gein.

Furthermore, Ellis called 911 after he started to not feel well. If he knowingly took X, why would he tell on himself? He could have gotten in a lot of trouble for taking drugs while on probation. Why would he risk going back to prison?

It was Kirvi that had identified the drug as X. After it was revealed to me that the tox screen for Ellis Millet came back positive, one has to wonder how she knew it so quick. Since Ellis claims that he did not know exactly what it was until Kirvi pointed it out, why is it stated that he took it as a diet pill? If one has any sense at all they would see the fallacy behind her claims.

It is quite curious that Kirvi was let go without any charges when these notable facts are revealed. However it is a well-known fact that Kirvi sleeps with men (she was the one featured in the article about the mistress) to get her way. One has to wonder if the officer on scene has fallen under her siren spell. After all, these clues are easily spotted by a regular citizen such as me.

I also know that Kirvi, who had claimed to have miscarried after Ellis kidnapped and assaulted her, is in fact still pregnant. She had previously pegged Ellis as the culprit behind her miscarriage. It has become obvious to me that she said that in order to tarnish his reputation amongst the Hathian public. If she lied about her own miscarriage for personal gain, how can one possibly trust any other stories she tells, especially against Ellis Millet, whom she seems to have a personal vendetta against.

I believe that the food at Gein Burger is unsafe and anyone who eats there is at risk of being poisoned by Kirvi. I propose the food place to be shut down until the health inspectors can come in and make sure that it is safe and a psych evaluation is done on Kirvi. Poisoning the public certainly seems to be a rather obvious sign of mental illness. The state should make sure she is fit to be amongst society, let alone run a restaurant, before allowing her to manage the restaurant.

I felt it my civil duty to reveal the obvious to the public so that people become aware of what they are dealing with. I am not aiming for slander against one or more persons; rather I am pointing out simple facts.

It is Elementary, dear Hathian. Do not let her siren songs sway you from logic. Sirens kill once their deed is done. Heed my words carefully for I am but a simple citizen, aiming to educate the public.

Hathian’s Sherlock Holmes

Editor’s note: the opinions in this article do not necessarily reflect that of the editor, reporters, or any other staff at The Observer other than the author of this piece.

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