New Gang, ‘The Red Queens’, Say They’re Here To Take Rightful Throne

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To the citizens of Hathian,

It’s been long enough that we’ve been ‘sheep’ in this rotting town and no longer will we welcome this cruel treatment. Our era of being the abused, the mistreated, and the downtrodden has come to an end and your dominion over this town has reached its peak. The time has come for us to strike. We will no longer be your doormats, so this is your warning. Stand beside us or become eradicated. If power isn’t relinquished to us, the damage done will be irreversible and no one will be able to stop us.

The Red Queens have come to take their rightful throne in Hathian. You will know us by our cards. It’s your choice…join our legion now while the option to do so is still being offered or be met with vicious retaliation in our dominion. We will not relent until we hold all the power over this town. This is our city and make no mistake that soon enough we will make it into our empire.

-Yours truly, RQ

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