Married Woman Lashes Out Against Infidelity

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To the wives and hussies,

As a woman who has been described as Jessica Rabbit, who is always told she has an amazing body, curves that could kill, who is told she should have no problem finding a man because she is an amazing woman, is having a hard time digesting that disgusting article that was published in the paper, stating that every man should have a mistress.

That was written by a low down, dirty, home-wrecking whore, who is delusional. I can state that for a fact that my marriage has been getting ripped to shreds because of infidelity. I think because of her low self esteem she’s trying to justify her actions. Trying to justify that she’s helping a couple strengthen their marriage. Anyone who believes such garbage is what’s wrong with this city. I married my husband because that’s what people do when they know that’s who they want to spend their rest of their life with. Anyone who threatens that, is asking for trouble. You’re not only messing with a couple who is eternally tied, but you’re messing with their family.

Married couples argue. It happens. You work through it. You don’t go and find some desperate bitch that’s just dying for attention. That drives a wedge in your relationship. Infidelity hurts. It doesn’t help anything. If at all, it helps destroy the home you built. Something that you’ve worked so hard for. For someone so low class to call themselves a “mistress” is a joke. You are foul. You’re trash and deserve to be thrown in the gutter. I love my husband to the ends of the earth, and I can relate to this woman who is effected by this scum. For someone to say that they aren’t trying to break-up a marriage is just a complete lie. Stop lying to yourself. In reality, you just want that person to be with you. But what makes you so different? What makes you think that if he were to ever be with you he’ll treat you better?

Bills and children are what married couples discuss. It’s life. Marriage is a sacred bond between -two- people, that have vowed to each other to be honest and faithful. No where in their vows did they promise to share themselves with other people. You wouldn’t know if you didn’t have a functioning family when you were a child, and that’s okay. But you need to respect yourself and respect the boundaries you do not cross. I’ve been married for three years, and the majority has been ripped through by infidelity. Yes, I am spiteful, I am jealous, I am filled with hate for sluts that can’t take a hint, I do have an ungodly rage inside of me.

But one thing that is undeniable about me, is that I have a passion that is undying for my husband. I love him unconditionally. No matter what he does, I love him. It might take a while for me to forgive him fully, but I do. People might think I’m crazy, or weak for staying with him each time he steps out on me, but I fight for what I want, until I am bloody and bruised, and I don’t let someone who is really a non factor terrorize me. Because honestly, that’s what “mistresses” are. Non-factors. No one cares about them. They’re just a hole for a bunch of men’s dicks. A sex object. Congratulations for reducing yourself to something so low. I just have to laugh now.

In the end, I’m the only woman in his life. I let that be known. I uphold class and keep myself to certain standards. None the less, I could go out and be unfaithful too, my eyes like glaciers, my hair bright like fire, my body is fit, toned and curves that will rock your world, my skin the color of  a latte; but I never have. I’m better than that. I know where I stand as a woman and I know myself worth. If you need a lesson on having class, I’m your girl. My mother raised a lady. To the woman who thinks married women are hating on sluts…think again. We don’t hate on you. We hate you. You’re the problem. Not the wives.


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