HPD Issues Warrant To Arrest All ‘Reapers’ On Sight

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On July 07, 2013, Officer Skye Herriat and Captain Bliour approached Cymbal, a known member of the gang, the Reapers, as she stood on her self-proclaimed turf located by The Hathian Observer. Captain Bliour and Officer Herriat informed her that she was under arrest as per the order that all members of the Reapers were to be arrested on sight.

During the arrest Captain Bliour explained that they had violated their agreement. Captain Bliour stated that the Reapers were harassing members of the HPD and that such occurrences would not be tolerated. Cym was disgruntled but compliant upon her arrest.

This isn’t the first time the HPD has struck a deal with gang members and it won’t be the last.  However, one thing is clear, one does not break an agreement with HPD, or the fierce hand of the law will strike you, or anyone in association, down.

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