Suffering from Mental Illness?

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Suffering from Mental Illness?

Hathian General Hospital is excited to announce that Hathian has been selected as a primary test site for a Phase 0/1 clinical trial.

ReGaine is a new compound designed to help patients with mild to severe mental illness of a broad scope to enjoy their lives without having to worry about their problems anymore.

ReGaine is designed to deal with many different types of mental illness, without the harsh side effects of other current pharmaceutical treatments. Best of all, ReGaine is intended to be used for life.

Hathian General Hospital on behalf of ReGaine is seeking volunteers with the following symptoms:

-Sexual Difficulties



-Anger Management Issues

-Eating Disorders

-Addiction (Tobacco and Alcohol)

We are also seeking a group of healthy control volunteers.

Compensation for out of pocket expenses is available. (paid for by the Drug company)

Accepted volunteers can look forward to complimentary medical care while enrolled in the trial by Hathian General Hospital and a ReGaine copay voucher for lifetime treatment with ReGaine (if approved by the FDA) for a reduced price.

If you think you could give your time to this very worthwhile trial, please contact Dr. Andrea Mizser at the Psychiatry Department of Hathian General Hospital on (555) 541-0963,  or Madison Gardner (Sash Arabello), James Matfield at the hospital for a referral.

All participants will be treated as confidential.

ReGaine your life. With ReGaine for life.

*ReGaine may be dangerously addictive. ReGaine may not be for everyone, so you should talk to your doctor before enrolling in this clinical trial.

*ReGaine is not yet approved by the FDA and may not provide the efficacy it is being tested for.

*ReGaine may cause unwanted side effects which cannot be anticipated.

*ReGaine has not yet been tested in humans.

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