If the city does not care…why should we?

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As anyone who has ever spoken to me can plainly tell, I care more about what I flush down the toilet then I do most people. This town and its “fine citizens” is no exception. However, most people seem to look down on me for that. They seem to think it is wrong of me to not care. This leads me to this story…proof that I am not the only one who does not care. As a matter of fact, the ones who are supposed to be taking care of the city, do not care at all.

Now everyone knows the cops are more crooked than the criminals. In this town, and many others, that is just common knowledge. I am not even going to get into that part, because everyone pretty much knows you have to deal with things on your own, unless you are in with them. However there are others out there, people who are elected to keep the streets clean, keep citizens safe, and make this hell hole good enough to at least live in. They tell us all how much they care, how big of a difference they are going to make for us…they tell everyone about “change”…and yet they are just as “heartless” as I am.

The picture above is only one of the many I have that proves my point. Broken pieces that are part of the bridge going over town…just waiting to fall apart and cave in. Not to mention the huge metal rods that could make a shish kabob out of  any corpse that happen to slip and fall on them.  I also have evidence of huge pot holes on the public streets, blocking out fire trucks and ambulance routes…broken ladders going down a fire escape in a building not far from those pothole, making escape from a burning building even less likely. Wiring that could burn down a building any day now. Street lights that are on their last leg…the list goes on.

Now we know this city is run down, and it will never be top of the line. With thugs and crooks, hookers and drug dealers…the streets will always have their own trash. However…who is to judge? Why are the murderers and thieves looked at as criminals, when really they are just cleaning up what the government could not? With so much hazard on the streets, it is apparent that the government does not care about this place at all. So why should anyone living here care? Why should we try to be polite…why should we keep things clean and pretty…when the ones with all the money sit back on in their cozy little chairs and do not even think twice about the dumps they leave behind, the same dumps some of us call a home. Next time someone hears me voice my opinion, think about things like this. Someone needs to tell it like it is…and I will.


This is only the beginning…the truth will be told!

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