Apology to Alexandra Markus, On Behalf of the Observer

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The advert was not put up by Ms Markus herself
The advert was not put up by Ms Markus herself

The Hathian Observer would like to offer an official apology to Ms. Alexandra Markus for printing a classified that apparently featured her image and the description alleging she provided certain services. The advertisement was not placed by Markus herself and she does not engage in any of the activities described. The Observer would like to stress that it had no knowledge of this before the classified was set to print and apologizes for any inconvenience or distress caused unintentionally by the printing of this classified.

Note from the editor: It’s unfortunate when such things happen and while the Observer does apologize, we will be sure to monitor the classifieds more closely before putting them to print to avoid such embarrassment in the future. 

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