Rader Record Store Bloody Assault On Officer, Reject Member Believed Involved

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Espi Hernandoz as featured here in her wanted poster.
Hernandoz as featured here in a wanted poster recently


The HPD are on the lookout for Reject gang member Esperanza ‘Espi’ Hernandoz who is believed to have been behind the bloody set of assaults that took place in Rader Records, located on King road.

According to the official police report, an anonymous call was placed at 10:30pm on Tuesday, March 19th to the Hathian Police department. Police were urged to turn up to the record store, informing them that Hernandoz was assaulting people inside and that there was a dead body in the record store. The caller also reported that Hernandoz has a gun and was coming after them as well. Officers Susser and Jestyr accompanied Captain Bliour Michaels to investigate, but upon arrival, the store clerk denied all allegations and claimed not to have known  anything about an assault. Farther exploration of the building revealed Officer Adam O’Connor, 33, laying brutally assaulted on the floor, some of his clothing cut off.

Record Store
Rader Records Store, the location of the alleged assault.


An anonymous source at the hospital was able to reveal that  Officer  O’Connor sustained several horrific injuries including; a broken nose, all fingers broken, a stab wound in the abdomen  as well as an entrance wound on the back. Most horrific perhaps a bitten off tongue and bizarrely a  shrunken head in his rectum. The identity of the mystery caller is not still not clear and the reasons for the assault on O’Connor may have been due to the on going feud between the Lower 9th Reject gang members and the police force who have arrested the gang members in the past for crimes such as drug dealing, prostitution rings and smuggling. It seems gang member ‘Espi’ Hernandoz was not at the location and it is uncertain whether the claims are to be true, police will have to establish if the allegations are true.



The HPD are still investigating the alleged assault
The HPD are still investigating the alleged assault


An attempt was made by the Hathian Observer to try and reach Officer O’Connor who was recovering in Hathian General Hospital after being admitted there shortly after the HPD left the scene, but were unable to get a statement.Whether there is more to the story and a possible personal vendetta between the Rejects and Officer O’Connor is unclear and the investigation is on going, with the HPD now on the look out for gang member ‘Espi’ Hernandoz.

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