Exclusive: Doctor Weaver Back From The ‘Dead’

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Madison Weaver, 39, lies on the floor after being attacked by Millet.
Madison Weaver, 39, lies on the floor after being attacked by Millet.

Lou’s bar was the scene of the dramatic reappearance of the doctor recently pronounced dead, Dr Madison Weaver, of Hathian General Hospital.

It appears that although the doctor had been announced as dead to hospital staff and her own husband, James Weaver, the hospital appears to have made a serious error and Weaver reappeared last week, looking half alive after surviving for the past two to four days without any food or water. The doctor was attacked by local resident Ellis Millet, 36, whose belief in the supernatural as well as the seemingly unnatural circumstances provoked him into believing Weaver was a ‘zombie’.

Weaver as she appeared in the bar
Weaver as she appeared in the bar

Millet was arrested by Officer Reynolds who arrived later on the scene as an on-looker phoned the police while the fight raged in Lou’s bar with several witnesses watching.When contacted, Weaver had this to say about her strange ordeal; “.. it’s an odd thing, really, and we’re still trying to get things.. solved, it’s rather tricky. There were a couple drugs found in my system that none of us have a clue of just how they got there..” the doctor revealed. ” As for the specifics, we would rather keep them silent for now, since there are two investigations going on, one through the hospital, and well, if the police ever gets off their lazy ass and start behaving in a smart manner..” The doctor appeared to be irate with one particular individual from the HPD. “Gutter seemed to think my five year old daughter is responsible. If my five year old had access to those drugs, and used them in such a manner, I’d be very impressed.”

Dr Madison Weaver's body was being held at the morgue.
Dr Madison Weaver’s body was being held at the morgue.

Weaver adds that, “All I will say is.. medically, and physically, I seemed to be dead. I wouldn’t have blamed the staff, I would have made the exact same call myself. Thankfully I wasn’t, however, my recollection of those four days is pretty much none. That will give you an idea of how heavily drugged I was.”Dr Takahiro Ugmiachi, medical coroner for Hathian General Hospital declined to comment on the case, instead advising the Hathian Observer to speak to Dr Weaver.With the strange ordeal over for the doctor, her family and friends are happy and relieved to have her ‘back’ with them. There have been no farther reports of cases such as Dr Weaver’s occurring as of yet and this may have been just a one off incident. Whether by accident or intentional, the incident has been under investigation and it would seem for now there are no solid answers.

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