Berthier St Bakery: Up to Health Standards

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As the owners got word due to the recent health code violations and immediate closing of the shop, they have sent in top shop cleaners to come in and disinfect the entire place. Not a spot was left untouched. Everything from the shelfs and display case to the back room where the rat poison and decease rats were found. The owners had said that Berthier should be reopened in time for the holiday block party in Hathian with their special peach cobbler, which was a hit during the Hathian Police Department BBQ.  When asked for a comment, this is what the owners had to say: “It is an unfortunate mess that we had to clean up the shop. The sole purpose for the bakery is to fill the stomachs of everyone with sweet goodies that make you think of your grandmother. Not to worry about food poisoning or human consumption. Please know that we were not behind that and had no idea what manager, Aizzel Beck, was selling when we left her in charge. There will be consequences taken. We hope that due to the recent events our reputation has not been tarnished by the public. ”

At the time of publishing, we were unable to reach Aizzel Beck for a comment.

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