Gang’s Festive Message?

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A festive crow?
A festive crow?


The holiday spirit hit Hathian last Thursday night, but not in the way many folks would have expected.  Around midnight and into the early hours of Friday morning, bystanders were alerted to a woman being dangled over the overpass above the Titty Twister.  Several witnesses say they saw a young Asian male wearing a red jacket and the familiar band worn by the local gang, the Rejects. (Later the subject was identified to be that of Jin, aka “The Worm” whom hadn’t been seen in several months since being questioned for murdered). The man was seen wrapping Christmas lights around a woman identified by several as “Pariah” or Clio as she is known by some, a known member of the Crows. In what could most accurately be described as gang on gang violence, the man hung the battered woman over the overpass, stripped of all her clothing save some panties and stockings, wrapped in Christmas lights that were powered by a small battery pack.  No police or ambulances were reportedly called and the suspect had left the scene pretty quickly. Several reported that “Pariah” was helped after a bit by a young lady and left the scene with her. While it was seen as a mild joke by many, others took it as a reminder that even at Christmas, they aren’t safe in this town, from Reject’s or Crows alike.  Was this festive display of a Crow a warning to the other Crows or a simple Christmas greeting between gangs? Or maybe one to the public?

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