Mask Maker Victim Escapes Twisted ‘Artist’

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A masked assailiant has been prowling Hathian and attacking females, identifying himself as the Mask Maker.  The assailiant- who has yet to be arrested-warned of more attacks to a reporter from the Observer  who accidentally stumbled on the criminal who is wanted for several recent assualts.
The journalist discovered the Mask Maker lurking inside of the ruins of the houses by the beach down Bourbon Lane. She was drawn there by chance, noticing splatters of blood that led into the ruined building, on a walk. According to the criminal, he is an ‘artist’ who needs his victims to ‘practise’ on to perfect his art. The reporter was able to get a few pictures of the ‘Mask Maker’ which have been displayed in this article. He is currently being hunted down by the HPD.
  One of the ‘Mask Maker’s’ latest victims was able to escape with help from a friend. The victim and her friend wish to remain anonymous but did reveal details of the assault-which took place in the Daily Grind coffee shop- to the Observer. “my friend was quick and went over to the microphone stand you see over there.. So the guy attacks me, I stepped back narrowly  avoiding the slash..” The victim explained that “I just grabbed the only object and got it between him and me. So.. he slashed again, this time at the couch, by that time he was almost over me, aiming for my gut.. I dived to the side and that’s when he gashed up my shoulder.. I fell down to the floor just by the wall, and he would probably have finished me off there and then if my friend hadn’t hit him from behind with the microphone stand..” The two females were relieved when the masked attacker decided to run, having drawn unwanted attention and wanting to avoid arrest. “my friend kept fighting with him.. and.. well, she got a gash in her leg I think.. Uh.. I slammed the stool against him, but he took the hit, he was pretty sturdy. And then he ran out… I guess he realized what a commotion he had caused..”
Although the mask has protected the identity of the attacker so far, he has been described as tall, built and wears a long dark coat and has golden claws as well as several blades he carries on him. He is dangerous and should not be approached by a member of the public. Please contact the HPD if you have any information regarding the ‘Mask Maker’
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