One Word For Another: Parents

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The Eye,

I’m a father for a 8 years old son and I work hard everyday to get our feets on the ground after my wife’s death. Lately my son pouts his face to me and doesn’t listen nor telling me why he isn’t talking to me and telling me things. He is been closed and I’m afraid it may cause him problems in his future. I try my best to give him toys, money and anything to make him happy but nothing works. What can I do? What is the problem?

-Mr. D

Well then Mr. D I can see the problem here clearly. You don’t pay any attention to your son, the parents don’t understand that when you aren’t home, they feel it, they want their time with their parents and not candies or toys. They want the family love, the parents’ love. What you should do is, don’t spoil him with money and toys, find the time to come home and be with your son, he will feel happy, I can be sure, more than getting any kind of toy. He will remember this.

The Eye

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