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I felt I had to respond to your letter, which is widely agreed among many of
‘Hathian’s upstanding citizens’ as the biggest bunch of crap we’ve ever wasted 2 minutes of our time reading.

Are you truly going to sit there and defend a department who’s own chief has declared war on it’s citizens and proclaimed himself as the most dangerous man in Hathian? A department that is probably the most vile, counterproductive, corrupt, sick and twisted group of police officers that ever existed?

You’re pissed off that the Observer apparently glorifies the acts of ‘the city’s most notorious rapist’, well let me share some facts with you. As we all know there are many rapists in this city, and a good percentage of them
are your comrades. On one specific occasion I heard a certain Lieutenant bragging to an imprisoned criminal about raping his girlfriend, telling him “that sh*t was on point when I hit it”. On another occasion this same officer
arrested a woman and proceeded to feel her up during the reading of her Miranda Rights. Isolated incidents you may argue? Laughable.

The entire department is filled with men and women who are at the same level as those they throw behind bars on a daily basis. They use their power as a weapon in itself. They think that their position allows them a life without consequences. Do they come running when we call 911? Absolutely, but with the motivation to come and throw their weight around: taze, mace, shoot and beat senseless the citizens you claim they would do most anything to protect. While they should be coming to the scene with intent to help a victim, what really brings them running is the desire to make more arrests- which inturn will lead to promotion and inevitably give them even more power and authority to well let’s face it, do whatever the hell they please. And PLEASE don’t try to convince us all that they have the best of intentions, because that is simply untrue to the utmost degree.

If you were to individually interview each citizen in Hathian I would place my bets with the fact that nearly every single one of them will attest to having a negative altercation with atleast one officer from
your department at one point in time. Most of these would be able to recall multiple occasions. I myself have been shot 6 times, beaten half to death, tazed, smokebombed, tear gassed and beaten with a night stick
more times than I can count on my fingers and toes. I will readily admit that a large percentage of these happenings were due to the fact that I had commited a crime, but the department you describe as so
incredibly fair and reasonable would not use such excessive force.

The department you describe wouldn’t rape women and openly brag about it. They wouldn’t sexually harrass people. They wouldn’t purposely torment and torture prisoners who did nothing to provoke attack upon
themselves. They wouldn’t knowlingly offer a condom to a large man who had full intentions on raping another man, and walk away chuckling proudly to themselves. I could describe so many atrocities your apartment has committed that are equal to or worse than those above but I think each citizen can personally attest to their own run ins with HPD and pretty much know what I’m talking about.

And now you have a police woman who has gone as far as to taze an 11 year old child because she thought the electrical current would affect the suspect standing behind him that she happened to be after. Such
an action is completely absurd, atrocious, unforgivable. If HPD is the department you, Stars and Stripes, describe, then this woman should be made an example of and fired. Instead she remains on active duty. This
is unexcusable. In any other city, in any other state in this country, she would atleast be placed on leave. Instead she hasn’t been held accountable in any way.

Have we become to numb to HPD’s corrupt ways that we will just pass this over? Probably. That alone should paint a picture of what HPD’s real agenda is to us all. HPD is nothing more than another gang.

In closing I have to add this. Do certain officers of this department diligently respond to calls where persons are injured and ultimately aid in saving their lives? Sure. There are instances where good things
actually happen. But right now they are too few and too far between. For once HPD should take a step in the right direction and hold Officer Moonshadow accountable for what she has done. No matter what her claims are, she did in fact taze a child and she should not be allowed to explain away her actions.

Nothin But the Damn Truth

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