Police Recover Detective Calhern After Reject Stand Off Outside Rader Record Store

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HPD Lieutenant Gutter and Officer Wadark hold suspect Reject Kizzie at gunpoint
HPD Lieutenant Gutter and Officer Wadark hold suspect Reject Kizzie at gunpoint

 A dramatic show down between two Reject gang members and officers of the law resulted in the release of Detective Rabid Calhern who had been taken captive by the Rejects for up to a week. Prior to this, the gang had also kidnapped and tortured Lieutenant Bilour Michaels who informed members of the HPD that the detective was also missing, picked up by the Rejects.

Officer Angel Moonshadow keeps position behind Reject member Kizzie

The stand off occured directly outside of Rader’s record store, a place known to be one that Lower Ninth Reject members hang around frequently. “”Officer Jay was at the site. I was just patrolling and observing the street for criminals with active warrants, and I just rolled up near Rader Records and I saw Jay trying to handle things the right way..” Lieutenant David Gutter explained as he watched Officer Wadark talking to Reject gang member Kizzie, who then pulled a gun out “But when I showed up, I guess she was nervous and she pulled the gun out on Jay..but fair and square, she had an unpaid ticket that she did not pay so the County issued a warrant for her arrest..Theres more that I cannot discuss since it’s still an active operation ” Officers Moonshadow and Wadark as well as Lieutenant Gutter then trained their weapons on the Reject, but Wadark approached Kizzie and tried to negotiate with her. “I get it, you’ve been through some rough shit, but trust me, this is not the answer. Just put your gun away and let me help you ok? We can do this” The officer managed to successfully talk Kizzie into throwing her weapon down on the ground as he put his own away and tried to talk to her, while Lieutenant Gutter and Moonshadow covered bases.

Reject gang member Giles is seen exiting the record store.

Although Officer Wadark was successfully able to cuff Kizzie , her friend and gang associate Giles came out, in an attempt to prevent her from being arrested. Using the detective as a barganing chip Giles was overheard telling police, “Get a gun to my fucking head and let me make a call, they drop your detective out of a van, she and I get in. Its not about believing me, it’s about taking a risk to get him back or accepting the guarantee that you will -never- see him again.”

It seemed that the Lieutenant was skeptical over the Reject’s claims that they had Detective Calhern, answering them with doubt. “You guys claiming this or that, but I still haven’t seen anything, no sign of breath, or anything that shows me that hes alive eh?.. Better yet Where is he?”  The idea that the Rejects had Calhern under hostage seemed to have been a surprise for those present, but Kizzie reinforced her friend’s claim, “Let us prove it. Put the gun to my head too.. if shit goes wrong then… well, you can fucking kill us on the spot but if you want Rabid back, you’ll deal with us.” Eventually the Lieutenant consented, “ If this does not turn out the way it suppose to be, mark my fucking word, just mark my fucking word, I will and I promise , I will come for each and every single one of your family one by one. Gutter was overheard stating.” The Rejects were able to get the Detective dropped off in an anonymous looking van on the condition that they walk free, with Giles stating “”I’ll have him fucking delivered here right now if you let us walk, don’t gotta be no trouble…” The Detective was later delivered as Giles made a call on the spot, requesting the people driving the van to “ roll up slow so everyone can see you and do not, I repeat do -not- fire on the police.” The Detective was taken to Hathian General Hospital, recovering from a brutal torture ordeal.

It seems that the Rejects had cause to target the officers of the law this time around-the covert operation that Gutter hinted at might be one of the reasons why. With little information to go on at the time, time will tell what this operation might involve and why the gang are being targeted. The HPD have managed to recover their Detective alive but will they be so lucky next time?

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