Reject Gang Member Sinks Teeth into Chief of Police

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Thei is approached by Chief Hendrich Andel, armed with a gun
The gang were approached by the HPD and it's Chief of Police by the Rader Record Store

The gang known as the Lower Ninth Rejects were involved in a shooting that saw one of  their own gang members shooting down a close associate of the gang. The incident occured outside of Rader Record store, located on King’s Road.

Matsui Thei was the apparent target behind the police raid

Apparently the real reason behind the police raid-according to Reject member Matsui Thei,23 – was not gang member Piper McAuley shooting Reject associate Regi Wallace – both managing to evade arrest by the Hathian Police Department force that arrived – but a text message sent to the Chief by Thei threatening the Chief. This message sent Chief Andel over to the Rader Records music store, an area where Rejects are frequently seen, with four other armed cops. Officers Phoenix, Hartigan, Dagger, and Cohen were all behind the Chief as he walked up towards Thei and proceeded to talk to him, before a fight between the two erupted.

Other Reject members who were on the scene were able to evade arrest, being told to leave or exiting to help the wounded Wallace away from the scene to get him medical treatment. Chief Andel seemed mainly interested in Thei. “Wasn’ abou’ Regi ‘n Piper. Was mos’ly a tex’message I sen’ him bu’ da’s da truth.” Thei confirmed with the Hathian Observer and also revealed that he thought that Andel, “‘e slaps like a girl.” Thei fought with the Chief, being punched and assaulted until he managed to grab ahold of Andel, sinking his teeth onto the Chief’s earlobe, and biting it off. ” I ate his feckin’ earlobe.. his earlobe taste like sweaty pigs” Thei stated, adding that, “ da’ Rejec’s will neva’ fear da HPD regar’less da chief we ain’ backin’ down fo’nobody. Da chief brough’ a feckin’ army in JUS’ ta try ge’ me ‘n da shows wha’ kin’a cowar’ he is.” Once the Chief  had been bitten, blood began pouring from the wound and pushed the Chief to deal more punishment on Thei, forcing him to the ground as he continued to beat on Thei who continued to fight back until, “We were draw ‘n even jus’ a feckin’ girl new clerk o’ Rader interfered ‘n den he chickened out.”

Thei is approached by Chief Hendrich Andel, armed with a gun

Although the Chief and his officers were armed, it seemed a reasonable precaution to take since there were plenty of Rejects on location. The officers, however, stood down their guard when the Chief began to beat Thei and watched the on going fight with interest, but as Thei stated, once a clerk from Rader Record store ran out and started to reprimand the officers and the Chief, and then flung herself into the fight, the Chief ended things and decided to leave. Thei and the clerk were not arrested, but Thei did require medical attention as did Andel.

The shooting between McAuley and Wallace may have left several questions behind, but the message that Thei has for Andel is clear; the Rejects won’t back down from the HPD or the Chief. The Rejects maybe seeing more of the Chief in the near  future – but he will not be coming back for his ear lobe.

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