Lieutenant Gutter Vows To Serve Justice On Kidnappers, Rages Against “False” Advertisment

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Lieutenant Gutter was severly injured during his time held captive by Zero and his associates.
Lieutenant Gutter was severly injured during his time held captive by the Zeros.

Lieutenant Detective Gutter, 27, was recently released after a brutal torture and kidnap ordeal, which saw him lose an eye as well as sustaining other injuries. In an exclusive interview with the Hathian Observer, the Lieutenant revealed the details of his kidnapping, and talked about the people responsible for his injuries, including what he intends to do in order to stop the criminal individuals who pledge loyalty to Zero, whose family have helped orchestrate a spate of kidnappings and tortures as well as rapes on the members of the HPD as well it’s Hathian’s own citizens.

The HPD have suffered a number of their force being kidnapped by Zero and his associates

“I was kidnapped across the street from the Hathian Police Department. I was seduced by a female who I believed was a good friend, but manage to be a set up when she blind folded me and lead me into a cab. They forced me some place strange and beat me. It was not just one, but multiple of them..” the Lieutenant stated when he spoke out  about how he had been kidnapped. He refused to give names of the people who were involved, stating that; “I can give a list of names  of who actually were involved, then it wouldn’t be that much fun to even go after these crooks. But I’ll tell you what…….The Zeros are a bunch of cowards who just try to run and take over the city.

Discussing what he had to endure as he was held hostage by his torturers, he revealed, “I was beaten, tortured, and to make it worst, they took my eye out..I received no sleep, no food.” He also added that, “They were others inside that were also kidnapped by the Zeros… the Lieutenant of the Fire Department is all I can say and two more victims. It was a mess. The only thing I remember was the place stunk and had a whole bunch of torture tools all over the place.”

The Lieutenant of the Fire Department of Hathian, Kayla Stephans, has since been released and is safely back and Lieutenant Gutter has been able to recover from his injuries and is back to work at the station, although he has recently had to take legal action for a misleading advert placed in this newspaper that was not issued by him, but by others in order to humiliate the Lieutenant farther. The picture used was actually taken during his torture ordeal, he explained, and also issued this personal statement to the paper, “Justice will be served to those who were involved in these criminal acts. And, as for the murder of Sergeant Lilith Fox, they will serve their time the right way..that’s all I will say for now.”

When asked what the HPD’s plans or what steps they were taking against the Zeros, Gutter stated that, “I do not wish to discuss  that matter yet  while we still have an investigation going against these criminals. There’s plenty of on going investigation going on. Especially with the death of Sergeant Lilith Fox.”  Whatever the HPD plans, the Lieutenant is lucky to be alive after the death of Fox, with the Lieutenant released by those involved in his kidnapping, delivering him to the Chief of Police on the beach  in what may have been an exchange in return of others.

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