Who Leads the HPD?

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Though the purpose behind any police force is supposed to be to ‘protect and serve’, the only people the plain uniformed officers of the Hathian Police Department protect and serve seems to be themselves. This does not even seem to include their Commanding officers.

It has been recently discovered that the low ranking officers of the Hathian Police Department are intentionally withholding information from their Commanding officer. Why would anyone do this, you ask? Because the foot-soldiers want to feel powerful without having to work for it. The undecorated, street-beat officers have taken it upon themselves to decide what information is and is not distributed to their Commander and Chief.

What better way to try and puppet-master the Hathian Police Department? If the HPD were lead by a weaker man than the well-known and well-respected Chief Andel, the officers might pull off their scheme to hoard knowledge and thereby possess a glimmer of his power. With Chief Andel at the head, I don’t believe he will tolerate being kept in the dark for long, or very well. Woe be to those officers.

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