Masked Assaliant Attacks In Attempted Robbery By Bourbon Street

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This image was taken from security camera footage from Lou's bar
This image was taken from security camera footage from Lou's bar

A masked female approached two women who were on their way towards Lou’s bar on Bourbon street and attempted to rob them on Sunday evening. The women had been on their way to have a drink and relax, but they described how they were suddenly ambushed by the 5’7 woman who seemed to be of African-American appearance and had brown eyes.

We were on our way to have a drink, we were talking as we turned the corner from the street that leads from Rader Records to Hathian Highway. This woman suddenly approached us, laying into us…it took a few seconds for us to react, but we were able to push her against the fence although she managed to attack my friend who was already injured. I took the chance to run and told my friend to do the same...” spoke one of the females who had been attacked,  Nellina Beckett.

In a surprising twist of events, someone else rushed to aid the remaining female who had been unable to run due to her injuries. She was seen being helped by a tall blonde who had appeared from farther down the street to attack the assaliant with a crow bar, helping to defend the girl who had been struck down by the robber and chased her off. The injured female did not wish to be identified, but did speak to The Hathian Observer, telling us that:

She was after valuables..she told us to hand them over or else, I don’t know if she was armed but I think she might’ve been, she had on some heavy boots with metal spurs or something, when she kicked my friend, it really hurt her badly…I was just lucky that I managed to get some help because she threatened to kick my ass.”  The tall blonde quickly left the scene only stopping to check if the victim was alright before taking off.  The assaliant managed to flee, jumping over the wall of Lou’s bar as the blonde female chased her away with a crowbar.

Citizen’s are advised to keep their eyes open and if they have any information to approach the Hathian Police Department with the details.

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