Professor Helstein’s Shame As She Reveals Her Double Life As A Prostitute: Shocking Claims

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Drunk at the bar, Professor Helstein reveals the dark and sordid activities she has been engaged in.
Sitting at the bar, Professor Helstein reveals the dark and sordid activities she has been engaged in.

“..They really dont respect me much” was just one of the admissions that came from the professor’s lips as she spoke out about her students and activities at Columtreal University. ” My life here is not very good…it’s actually very bad. Havent you seen what happens to people here? they get sucked into crime, or bad things happen to them.” An interview that had originally been meant to portray one of the respected professors of Columtreal University and provide more exposure for the college  ended up in the sordid confessions of Professor Helstein, head of the physics department for over fifteen years.

I have to sell myself….I do anything asked.Right now my current owner is one of my students.” The professor made several shocking statements about her true life teaching at Columtreal University, lifting the lid on her extra curricular activities as well as revealing she has starred in several pornographic videos which are available at Hathian’s adult store on Bourbon street. Several of her own students have openly admitted to viewing her videos.

And the police are just as bad…I’ve been raped so many times by the police here…either that, or they are clients..some of the most violent too”  The professor’s shocking revelations also included that she was beaten and allegedly raped by the Chief of Police, Hendrich Andel, a few months ago. Although she couldn’t ‘remember’ the names of other officers on the force who had beaten and raped her, she does describe one particular officer was of Asian origin and had glasses. With these shocking allegations against the HPD, the professor went on to desribe the activities she is forced to participate in because of a certain “owner” whose identity she refused to reveal. Asked why she didn’t pick up and leave, the professor revealed: “”I’ve tried..but they always find me…and they bring me back…and they always come up with ways to punish make my life miserable..

She also continued to talk about her activities on campus, mentioning that: “ my students dont care about my class…I’ve even entertained them during class and I have had clients have me all over campus…even by the monument, out in public.”  While clearly humiliated and degraded, the professor admitted: “I can’t get away…it took me this long to realize it..the more I try to find ways out the worse things get for me…I just have to accept that this is my life now. I hate it, but, at least im used to it…I still am not comfortable with it .and everytime I talk about price with clients it’s as if it was the first time…I’m not allowed to take more. I have to haggle my price down…do you know how horrible that is, and how people look at me? The professor also admitted that she is forced to charge clients no more then a dollar for her services by her owner.

While the professor states that she is desperately unhappy, she believes it is useless to try and put an end to the cycle of sex and violence which keep her tied to Hathian. The question behind all of these confessions remains: is the professor a helpless victim of her own circumstances or is she seeking attention and publicity for herself while willingly engaging in the sexual activities she confessed to in this interview?  The interview highlights the problems that face some of the citizen’s face in Hathian while hopefully bringing to light her problems so that she might be able to get some attention and help that is missing for her currently, if she is indeed the victim of her cirumstances. The Observer would like to add that the professor was a willing participant in this interview.

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