Opening Night Draws In The Crowd: Skullz Night Club Successful Opening Night

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Strippers, booze and a good time, patrons enjoy the bar area of the club!
Strippers, booze and a good time, patrons enjoy the bar area of the club!
The dance floor of Skullz Night Club

 Skullz Night Club’s opening night went off without a hitch as a large number of Hathian’s citizens turned up to party the night away, enjoying the drinks and sexy strippers while skilled DJ Rhage entertained the crowd.


The alcohol was flowing while club goers enjoyed the party atmosphere. Skullz Night Club boasts a large dance floor, VIP lounge area, as well as a spacious bar area with strippers entertaining the patrons with a live set from one of Hathian’s best DJs. For those who don’t like to dance, Skullz Night Club has a chilled out and more relaxing area with pool tables for those who want to hit the bar and play some pool, maybe even hustle!

Skullz was quick to fill up with people ready to dance and enjoy themselves.

Big enough to hold private parties and events, Skullz is owned by Rhage Kromskull. He is currently interested in hiring more staff and enquiries can be made to general manager LJ Krolmskull or manager Jynea. There will be plenty more fun nights kicking off at the club so make sure you don’t miss out.

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