Hathian PD In Spotlight Again

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Still shot from the anonymous video
Still shot from the anonymous video

An anonymous video was sent to the Observer offices last weekend showing Hathian police officers brutally shooting an already injured woman outside of the Titty Twister on Bourbon Street on Friday the 13th.  The woman shot has been identified as Kaida Ireto, previously attacked by another man who thought that she was a vampire.  This time, however, it seems that the police involved were intent on maiming Miss Kaida after being subdued.

The video is short, but the evidence against the officers involved is immense, as the video also shows several bystanders standing by in shock as Miss Kaida is shot in both of her shoulders while unconcious and already wounded, bleeding heavily on the street.  While the video is blurry and a bit shaky, the officer shooting has been indentified as Hendrich Andel, Hathian Police Department’s current head, as his voice is heard clearly shouting out a string of racial slurs to downed figure and then issuing a warning to someone off screen saying that “After I’m through with the Phantoms on Monday…You can count on me paying you a visit and it will not be pleasant Hendrich!”

The anonymous source that sent this video in included a letter explaining what happened after the video ends:

Officer Andel then went on to issue a public challenge to the crowd, taking off his vest, his belt, and firearm yelling for a challenger.  He was crazy, mad with power.  He claimed he owned Hathian, no one could stop him.  I thought that he might just grab his gun and start executing everyone there to save the trouble of any witnesses.  There was also some ruckus in the Twister while Andel shouted out for a challenge in the streets, another officer went around shouting for a “Nicole” to come out, believing her to be hiding somewhere in the rooms at the back of the Twister.  Blue tried to tell him she wasn’t there, but he wrecked the place up anyways.

First a strike, then this.  Where’s it gonna end?

Contacting the HPD for comment, police say that they were responding to a 911 call and were attacked by Miss Ireto.  An armed citizen then shot their attacker.  The police denied revealing the identity of the gunman.

We’ll keep following the story as it develops further.

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