Re: Pushing too far – A Letter to the Editor

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Dear Editor:

I take exception to the words of Chief Andel of the HPD in the strongest terms. First, we are not the enemy. While I think most citizens fear and despise at least some police officers – I know I certainly do – I think we are all savvy enough to know that there are many, perhaps even the majority of HPD officers who are competent, professional, and altogether good at what they do. It’s the bad cops who sully the reputation of the HPD. And from his discussion with the reporter, wherein he says that he owns this town and we just live in it, I think it’s clear why the bad cops remain undisciplined, unreported, and continue to destroy the reputation of the HPD, and the rule of law in Hathian.

Second, I take exception to the idea that the whole city of Hathian supported the bombing of the police station. Chief Andel, if you read the newspaper, you’ll note how the suicide bomber was, in fact, a police officer, so I’m unclear how you drew the conclusion that anyone was responsible for the bombing other than your own command. For the sake of argument, however, let’s assume there’s evidence of a conspiracy, probably linked to one or the other major gangs in town. While that gang may represent a significant number of citizens, Chief, it does not represent all of us. I think many, if not most, citizens of Hathain were appalled at the bombing, at its destruction of good police officers along with bad, at the wounded civilians, and if for no other reason that we, the taxpayers, have to pay to rebuild the damn thing.

Finally, I must take exception with Chief Andel’s idea that he owns this town and we just live here. Chief Andel, we all pay about 4 percent sales tax in everything we buy. Add property tax, licensing fees, inspection fees, and so forth and so on, and multiply it across every citizen of Hathian and you have the city’s entire income. Add state funding, federal funding and so forth, and you will find every dollar that is paid to the HPD in salaries, pensions, equipment budget, building maintenance, and so forth ultimately comes from tax revenue. Even if this were not the case, even if the HPD somehow generated more money than it spent, the laws you are paid to enforce are nevertheless in the hands of the people to make and unmake, via our city government. In short, sir,  it is /our/ town, and you are our employee. You were retained to protect us from crime and enforce the rule of law in Hathain. You work for us. And you can be replaced. Police chief is a position of power, without a doubt. It is a position of leadership in the community, which commands respect from police officers and civilians alike. Like most positions of power, however, when you strip away the trappings, it’s a support job.  You work for us, Captain Andel, and you need to keep that in mind.

Nadine C. Yeoh, MD, Hathian General Hospital

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