Mysterious Fall From Bridge Leaves Woman Seriously Injured

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Mysterious Fall For Injured Woman
Mysterious Fall For Injured Woman

A woman who looks to be in her early twenties has been discovered laying on the roadside in a pool of blood earlier today. Two passerbys had discovered the woman laying on the road, seemingly unconcious until on closer inspection they found she was able to tell them – with great difficulty – that she had fallen from the bridge, but it is unknown whether she was pushed or had fallen by herself, as she was unable to communicate any further information. The bridge is the bypass over the notorious red light district in Hathian, and has been in  need of urgent repair, but the cash-strapped city council is unable to afford the work needed to repair this dangerous bridge.

Mysterious Fall For Injured Woman
Mysterious Fall For Injured Woman

The disturbing question remains to be answered: did the young woman fall on her own from the bridge or was she pushed by someone who had perhaps assaulted her? She may possibly have been attacked in a robbery and been pushed, but at the present moment police will find no answers unless someone who was at the location at the time will come forward with information, possibly shedding light on this distressing event. No ID was found on the woman at the time, and it is not known whether she will survive her serious head injuries, although paramedic Coyoti Kharg was quick to arrive on the scene and administer aid and take the seriously wounded woman to the hospital. If anyone knows of anything pertaining to this serious incident, then please step forward and inform the Hathian police department.





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