Letter to the Editor: Murder the Murderers!

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With more and more deaths occurring at the hands of criminals, it’s time that the killers and murderers in this city get a taste of their own medicine. With people like Ellis Millet, a twice convicted murderer, allowed to walk the streets like normal citizens, it’s obvious that something a little more extreme has to be done.

Take the Headless Harvester for example. She butchered more than half a dozen people, and started feeding them to Hathianites everywhere. What did we do? We killed her! We did to her what she did to us and the families of the victims! This is the right and just thing to do to people who commit these appalling crimes.

People like Ellis Millet need to be brought to justice! People like Ellis Millet, who not only cut off Fae Gambino’s head, but left it at the fire department, propped on a stick as an insult not only to her memory, but to those who loved her, need to be taught a lesson!

The Louisiana judicial system needs to toughen up and crack down harder on these horrible, awful people that don’t even deserve to breath the same air as us, or walk on the same ground we do. We need to use these convicted criminals as an example to anyone else thinking that it might be a good idea to ‘get even’ with someone that it is NOT alright, and that you WILL be punished for it.

The state can either do something, or we will ourselves.


A worried, loyal Hathianite

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