Lingerie Bowl Teams Announced!

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The teams for the much awaited Lingerie Bowl have finally been determined!

The captains are Valena Dowe of the Blue Ballers, who will wear blue jerseys, and Aizzel Beck of the Brown Nosers, who will wear brown jerseys. Each team has four to five players, though there will only be three members from each team on the field at a time.

“It allows for more game play,” explains the Brown Noser captain, Beck. “More contact, more touchdowns, and just more fun for everyone watching and playing.”

Dowe’s team will feature herself, Honey Hoffman, Sarah R, Lia Linette, and possibly Perina McGinnis, while Beck’s team will showcase herself, Meagan Miles, Valaria Burvine, Jaded Bekkers, and possibly Lena Koslov.

Both captains say they’re excited for the friendly rivalry, especially given the fiasco that occurred between Gein Burger and MAD back in September, when the sorority vandalized the establishment during a protest.

“I don’t have any hard feelings towards them anymore,” says the Blue Baller captain, Dowe. “MAD has helped out so much with the trust fund, it’s almost made up for it entirely.”

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