Man in Hospital After Rollover Crash

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Shortly after 6pm on the evening of September 1st, an man was pulled from a car wreck at the DP gas station, just across the street from the Gein Burger.

The victim reportedly swerved and ran into the curb to avoid someone that walked into the middle of the street, causing his car to flip and land upside down. Even with his seat belt on, he was tossed from the car, left hanging out of the crushed window as the paramedics arrived on scene.

“I was coming around the corner and then she just practically jumped in the middle of the street,” says victim Dr. Paul Carr as he rests in a hospital bed. “What the was she doing there?  We have crosswalks for a reason.”

Police arrived soon after, and immediately went into crowd control as the group of spectators quickly started to grow. Three people were allegedly been questioned, but it’s not known if any follow up investigation will be done. It is also unknown if the crash was due to speed, drunk driving, or was a simple accident.

With the help of Captain Jessi Marseille, along side two EMTs, he was quickly transported to the hospital, where Nurse Abrams and Doctor Rossini attended to his injuries, one being a broken arm, and a damaged leg.

“They saved my life,” Carr says in reflection. “My car isn’t so lucky, but that’s not the end of the world.”

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