Gein Goes MAD

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What started out as a peaceful protest outside Gein Burger on the afternoon of September 7th soon turned chaotic as the protesters violently started vandalising the establishment.

The crowd of about half a dozen people was heard accusing Gein Burger of being ‘dirty’ and having ‘bad African meat’, but the chaotic peace didn’t last long, and was quickly shattered.

“If people don’t believe a health inspector that Gein is NOT dirty anymore, who are they going to believe?” manager Valena Dowe says, who was there from beginning to end.

Two masked women, believed to be named ‘Aiz’ and ‘Kay’, began swinging their picket signs at the windows, which prompted another boy to throw a rock into the building. Shortly after, the crowd went inside, and destory anything in their sight, causing thousands of dollars in damages in the process. With employees behind the counter and standing off against the group, the sorority eventually made their leave with the apparent help of the CU Security, which was evidently not doing their job at all.

Dowe says she plans to sue Columtreal University for damages, mental anguish of the involved staff, and lost wages of the involved staff for the time the restaurant will be closed for mandatory repairs.

“It’s ridiculous. They talk about having pride in being Looters, and then do things like this that do nothing but shame who they claim to be,” she says with a disappointed shake of her head, looking angrier than she lets on. “The fact that the school condones behaviour like this nothing but disgraceful.”

Every window in the building was broken, and all the tables and chairs were destroyed beyond repair. Damages are said to total upwards of $3,000.

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