Cancer Survivor to Host Benefit

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Valena Dowe, who has survived two bouts of liver cancer, which has a maximum survival rate of 31%, and has even received a liver transplant from a close friend, has volunteered to host a one of a kind benefit supporting cancer treatment in Hathian.

“I was stupid,” Dowe, now 22, simply says. “I drank and did a lot of heroin to try and cover up things from my past, and it turned around and bit me. Now, chances are, I won’t even live into my thirties.”

With a medical condition that serious, it’s only natural that check ups, appointments, and medications are required to make sure she doesn’t become one of the statistics, but with the economy like it is, it remains difficult.

“If I can’t afford to make sure the cancer doesn’t come back, I’m sure other people are in the same boat,” she says. “This is not only going to help the hospital, but everyone that’s battled cancer before.”

All proceeds raised from the event will go to a trust fund set up by Dowe, which the hospital will be able to use to pay for screening tests, updated equipment and treatments, and even simple things like live in house keepers for patients on chemotherapy.

The benefit and fundraiser will be held on October 1st at 4pm ((SLT)) near the District 8 stage and surrounding area, and will feature such businesses as Asylum Arcade, Super Chopsticks, and Hathian Motors, as well as entertainment such as a ‘tomato toss’, where people can buy tomatoes or cream pies to throw at their friends, balloons, music, and baked treats for all ages.

“We’re still welcoming people who want to make a difference,” explains Dowe. “Anyone that wants to set up a booth to raise money simply has to let me know. We’re also looking for acts to preform pro bono, musicians especially.”

((Any businesses or people wishing to ICly participate, either with a booth or

otherwise, must IM Valena Vacano ASAP! Everything is welcome!))

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