HPD Officer Dead

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((written by Francheska Writer))

The body of an unidentified police officer who worked for he Hathian Police Department was found outside that very building recently. The discovery was by the detectives that work inside the Hathian Police Station.

UPDATE: Officer has been identified as Kaynia Clary.

The investigation into the death of the police officer, the dead one that is, is still ongoing and it is unknown whether the dead officer chocked to death on a coffee soaked doughnut. Though given the circumstances, it could be a viable reason for the dead officer’s death.

Suspects include people such as Kay Varnish. Now our Kay Varnish has been arrested and suspected of various crime through her career in Hathian and tends to get about with a little side kick. Kind of like Batman and Robin. Except they kill people.

I for one would peg Aizzel Beck as the side kick, though it’s just heresay and there’s been nothing confirmed officially. The two women, though, do appear around town together, and it’s said around Columtreal they both work closely with the sorority MAD. Which only drives my point further. They’re both mad.

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