‘Pride Fest’ King and Queen? Could Be You!

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Are you interested in being extra fabulous during Pride Fest? Look no further than nominating yourself for King or Queen!

We are looking for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, whatever you are people to volunteer to be King and Queen during next week’s drag show and party at Titty Twister. Males are to be nominated as Queens and females are to be nominated as Kings.

Email, drop off, or call in your nominations to event planning board of City Council ((NPCed)) until the 10th. We will not accept any more nominations after that!

Voting starts on the 11th, the first day of Pride Fest ((details to be announced later)), and the winners will be announced and crowned during the party!

((Any interested applicants are to IM Valena Vacano with their IC name and

preferred catagory (king or queen) BEFORE the 11th of August. Good luck!))

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