Exclusive Interview with Mayoral Candidate Lena Kozlov (transcript)

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Anon: There hasnt been much talk about you in this race. You seem to be the under dog. What makes you stand out from the rest?
Lena: Well, I think being a doctor gives me a leg up. Talking to the citizens, my patients, gives me a clue in on what this city really needs. Instead of going around and asking random people what kind of generic change they would like to see, I can talk to the community on a more intimate level.
Anon: Some people would say thats cheating. Giving yourself an unfair advantage.
Lena: I dont think so. I cannot help what my profession is.
Anon: Arent you a college student?
Lena: (laughs light heartedly) I graduated from med school a few years back, and Im back in school learning about the arts. Performing Arts to be specific.
Anon: People would say you’re a little young to be running for Mayor.
Lena: No, my age has nothing to do with what this city could use. Ive had more schooling and a lot more experience with people than other competetors have.
Anon: Some have questioned your affiliation with the notorious MAD sisters. What is your relationship with them exactly?
Lena: You’ve said it best. They are my sorority sisters, and although I may not always agree with their behaviours, I stand by them and I support them with what I can.
Anon: It is said that they are behind the Britney kidnapping that happened last week. Do you know anything about that?
Lena: (smiles) I dont think my sisters kidnapped her. There was so much chaos going on, its hard to pin point who did what. As for me knowing anything about the kidnapping, no, I dont.
Anon: You told me before that you have come up with two new platforms. What are they?
Lena: Well, after seeing the things I did in the past week, I am adding ‘Stoping police brutality’ to my platform. The HPD needs a personality makeover. Of course I can see why they do it. The murder of police officers, and all of that. But to take it out on people that have nothing to do with that is just wrong. My sorority sister, Kay Varnish, will be the poster child. The HPD needs to get off their high horses and realize that they are not above the law.
Anon: What were the officers names?
Lena: (laughs) I cannot say. But they were both male and female. Karma’s a bitch and whatever happens in the long run was their own faults. But anyways, my second one is something truely near and dear to my heart is free food for the less fortunate children of Hathian. It really strikes a nerve when kids in this town cant eat.
Anon: Are you planning on a fundraiser or charity event?
Lena: The MAD president has come up with an amazing idea. Kay wants to hold the event at Seaside on June 9th. We want to invite everyone to come an support the children of our city. We are also asking if any businesses can help us out with -free- food, we would appreciate it. Gein is behind us, and I’d like to thank Harley for that.
Anon: That sounds really great. And thats not the only events MAD has planned this year?
Lena: No. We have done a lot of things for the community but we’re just getting started and there is more to come.
Anon: Do you have anyone special in your life right now? Someone cheering for you, in all ways?
Lena: Um, no. Im still single, like Ive been for the past year.
Anon: But I thought there was a man leaving your house before we started the interview?
Lena: I’d prefer not to talk about my personal life.
Anon: Well, is there anything else you’d like to say?
Lena: A vote for Lena, is a vote for change!
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