Entrepreneur on the Health Crusade!

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A local entrepreneur, recently in the press for his pursuit of low-cost homes in Hathian’s down-trodden districts, now plans to take another leap on the ladder of altruism by offering free healthcare and addiction control to Hathian’s poor. Mr Daffyd, 28, has set up a satellite company, FeelGood Inc, to offer basic pro bono medical care. Situated in the dark end of Vodou outside city limits, the FeelGood Inc. clinic boasts an impressive array of medical equipment, including a CAT (computerized axial tomography) scanner, capable of detecting common health problems long before they become chronic.

Quizzed on a possible affiliation to Hathian General, Mr Daffyd commented, “Hathian General provides first-class healthcare, that cannot be disputed. But as we know, insurance isn’t cheap, and there is still an underbelly of poorer folk dying of illnesses that those lucky enough to pay for treatment would shake off. Add to that the growing drug problem in town, and you have a big issue. What I’m offering is safe, confidential primary care, in and out, and back on the street!”

With the clinic now officially open, Mr Daffyd, himself a qualified physician, is looking for experienced physicians to give up some of their time to be on call at the clinic. Expenses and remuneration are standard. Staff should call Kane on 555-3212 and have a resume and current license to practice available.

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