Local businessman gives new hope to Hathian’s destitute

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At a time when good news in Hathian is as scarce as a low interest bank loan, there seems to be a ray of light on the horizon for the city’s homeless in the unlikely shape of a local businessman. Local financial and media mogul Kane Daffyd has turned his hand to community housing in a bid to give those less fortunate a chance to get back on the social ladder.

Mr Daffyd, who owns several properties within city limits, has set aside several of his properties for use by homeless and needy folk, offering them a rent-free place to lay their head and call their own while they get themselves back on their feet. While basic in their decor, these basic homes give a much-needed boost for those in need of an escape from the daily danger of the streets and the lure of the drug dealers.

Asked about his new foray into philanthropy, Mr Daffyd commented, “everyone deserves a chance to better themselves -I am simply doing my duty in offering that chance to those who need it, nothing more.”

Mr Daffyd is now offering tenancy in these homes as part as his ‘Kane’s Kommunity’ scheme. Applicants simply need to provide proof of their circumstances in order to qualify. Kane can be contacted on 555-3212.

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