Lighthouse Halfway House: Halfway to Where?

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With so much controversy surrounding Hathian’s own correctional  facility, it is no surprise to see the bright red and blue lights and police badges all over the perimeters of the Lighthouse Halfway House, a place where parolees  are given a chance to serve their sentence in the community.  Many restrictions are in place to keep the community safe, but how safe can the community be when those who are supposed to enforce these restrictions cannot protect themselves.
Many were tight-lipped on Friday night, but tt has confirmed that former prison warden Koda Viper was the first to be led out of the halfway house – unconscious and on a stretcher.  No information was released on what happened, his injuries, or current condition, but two females later identified as Esperanza Hernandoz and Caris Winslet were brought out in cuffs and assumed to be involved in Viper’s hospitalization. Aside from Hernandoz’s “He deserved it,” few words were exchanged as officers hurriedly ushered the women into the police cars.
The two females are known Reject gang members with records that could fill the front page of Hathian Observer.  Maybe the parole board should have thought of that before making their decision on their cases or maybe there was much more truth to the reports of violent corruption than Department of Corrections cares to admit.
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