Memorial Service for Jin Kohime

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There will be a memorial service for Jin Kohime on Wednesday December 22nd at 5pm slt at the Hathian Chapel. His remains were found at the site of his old home by his long time girlfriend SunHi Gavilan. Jin was only 16 years old and had been kidnapped over a month ago. There was no concrete proof of who took him, but new evidence found on the boys remains have given investigators new leads as to who took, tortured, killed then burned the body of the adopted son of Hathian’s own Fire Department Lieutenant Shadoe Kohime and her husband Dr Shuichiro Kohime, a well respected physician at Hathian General.

Jin was a loving boy and enjoyed his classes at Seaside High school. Please come share your memories of him and help keep him alive in the hearts of his friends and family.

Memorial starts at 5pm slt with a graveside service to follow.

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