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The newest, and possibly wildest, club Lower Louisiana is opening in Devils Pocket! ACES HIGH, a journey in living erotica, will be having it’s grand opening this weekend starting on Saturday at 7:00 pm with a free buffet and complimentary beverages.

The club boasts a number of themed rooms for the free-spirited Hathianite to live out his or her every fantasy. Have you and your significant other ever had the desire to play grown-up doctor ? Well, Aces High is a discreet place to come and make your dreams a reality. Don’t have a significant other? That’s okay, as owner Ryan Calhern states, “We can almost guarantee that there will be a variety of welcoming singles wanting to indulge in your every fantasy.” The club also boasts a schoolroom, church, Asian massage parlor, and a BDSM room.  When asked about the legality of the club, Calhern tells, “We are renting rooms and a dream to consenting adults. What they chose to do with it is completely up to them. We’re just here to set the scene and keep that scene sanitized.” It seems that in these progressive times, Hathian will be swingin’ to a new beat.

((written by Rabid Bedlam))

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