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In recent weeks, I’ve noticed un upswing on the activities of a certain gang here in our beloved city of Hathian. The Cerberus are out to play once again and for this, I am grateful! Ask any old-timer from around here about the history of the Cerberus and They’ll tell you of the epic feats of the gang, punishing a corrupt police department, saving the innocents from the clutches of those who would dare attempt to man-handle them, rousing bouts with other gangs fought tooth and nail to the bitter end. The stuff dreams are made of.

Vicious Sparrow is a man of ideals, a powerfully strong man with great dedication to the citizens of our city. His hand-picked group of players is no less the admirable crew of highly trained professionals in their chosen professions. They are regular citizens who live, breathe, work, and play on our streets, make a living in their fields, and yet still walk the streets to protect us. There are other such business owners in town who do not take such pride in their work.

In opinion, one might call the Cerberus ‘modern day superheroes’. They have secret identities as clerks, doctors, and leaders in the community, they maintain a quality of life in their own membership that forbids the use of illegal substances and finds help for those who suffer from addictions. They have families, children, many orphaned kids owe their lives to a member of Cerberus adopting them when they had nowhere to go but the streets.

Just a citizen’s opinion, I realize, but dear Editor, I think they deserve much more credit than they get. The Cerberus are our silent protectors. Whenever I see that blue and gold armband or that trademark sprayed on a wall, I feel safe. Where can I get an application to sign up?

Signed- A Proud Observer in Hathian, Louisiana

(In the essence of full disclosure, the Editor is rumored to be a former Cerberus member. However, said Editor simply prints letters received without judgement in favor or against the author.)


I am writing to make you, and your readers, aware of a pornographic studio in the family friendly neighborhood of Vodou. It is an outrage that such a smutty establishment would be present right in a neighborhood filled with young families that either already have children or are expecting them.

Young people that are exposed to pornography are more likely to have multiple sexual partners, abuse drugs and begin the downward spiral from productive citizens to vagrants and criminals!

Pornography alsoincreases the risk of body image problems. In a society where so many girls are puking their gus out to resemble the images in ads and on television, pornography only increases such worries among young people. And what of the older housewife who has had children! No one can measure up to airbrushed perfection.

Our fair city is rife with addictions already. People think drugs are the only addictions, but what of addictions to porn! Porn can make a successful businessman homeless in no time!

Porn is bad for our children, bad for our neighborhoods and bad for our city!

Say no to porn!


(In continued essence of full disclosure, the Editor is a part-time photographer for Canning Productions. This is purely coincidental.)

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