Saving the world: An interview with Senior Officer Sirus Plunkett

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I had the chance to sit down with Senior Officer Sirus D. Plunkett of the Hathian Police Department to talk about him and his involvement with the department as well as to get his feelings on the corruption and brutality.

Plunkett joined the HPD at the young age of 20, his reason?

“I joined to save the world,” said Plunkett. “You know right, young kids, like myself then, twenty, twenty one years old – wanna uphold justice and put bad people in jail. Do what’s right.”

“I have dealt with this shit for eight years, losing officers in the line because of shit like them (criminal); we keep the rage and let everything else go.” Plunkett has been through a lot in his years on the force, his perception of the city and his job has changed as the years have gone on.

“Now, I’m twenty eight years old, and I have grown up, the world as it is today and even then is not a nice place,” he said. “I mean, we got mothers killing their kids in bath tubs, junkies robbing stores, thugs running around like they own the city. There is a fine line between right and wrong, police officers fill the void.”

Over the years his definition of right versus wrong hasn’t changed much but his one goal is to clean up the streets and keeping the “thugs” from running rampid around the city at whatever cost there is.

“How do I decide right and wrong?” Plunkett explains. “These thugs or whatever they call themselves run around as if they had a free pass to the city, taking what isn’t theirs and hurting anyone who gets in the way. Does that seem right to you?”

“I, as an officer of the city of Hathian, decide right from wrong as it is spelled out in the form of written law,” he continues. “Sometimes we are hard pressed to make tough decision for the safety of our city. Not everything airing on the side of police work is as cut and dry for us.”

The topic of police brutality and corrupt has always been whispered around the city. No one has the fortitude to come out and say it or accuse the police of it. But the officers on the inside think a little differently about what they do.

“I would not call what we do, brutality,” explained the senior officer. “We do what we need to do, simply to get the job done. If that means we have to place our hands on a suspect and use a certain amount of force, rest assured we will supply that needed force.”

“If you call doing my job corrupt then yeah I am,” he continued when asked to explain more. “These people want to call us dirty, they want to call us corrupt, well fuck them. They don’t know how these animals live, I have toured the fuckin sewers and I won’t apologize for what I or the department does. I earn sixty-five grand a year and a piece of shit like Parnell wipes his ass with that in a month.

Another hot topic around the city has been the economy; people are out of jobs constantly, funding for city programs is low. People have reported seeing less and less police and fire presence around the city. The Hathian Police department feels the crunch.

“Being a cop in Hathian is not like the Millbury Police shop of six cops,” Plunkett explains. “It takes a certain kind of person. We are outnumbered every day, and every day somebody wants us but we get shunned as we turn our backs. If I was in command I would order the department to just let these piece of shit criminals have a free for all and kill of each other, we would clean up the mess.”

“We are cops, our job is not to punish but rather to consequence the poor choices of the public, in hopes that they correct that behavior,” he goes on to explain. “The only people we book are criminals, so what if they aren’t guilty that certain time, we don’t just arrest perfectly innocent people, it’s the same fucks, over and over again.”

Along with corruption the police have been known to file false charges just to get someone behind bars. Plunkett denies this saying “they are guilty regardless.”

“Way I see it, you people wanted crime down, so what happens, we boost our tactics, fight these animals with their own type of force and then we become the criminals,” he says. “Those fuckin animals get what they deserve, garbage and plagues on society.”

With that said, what is a typical day for Senior Officer Plunkett? Pretty normal from what he tells us.

“I patrol, I respond, and I act in swift manner. I mean essentially, I walk around until there is a call, or I see a wanted person,” he shrugs with his answer.

And if he has to exercise his duties as a police officer, “It depends on their level of want, there are times I don’t bother and send it through to the rookies, but if its a armed criminal or a known violent criminal I tend to take it. When a wanted person is about we try to remove them from the city setting as quickly as possible with as little incident.”

His interview ended with a call as the officer headed off to ‘save’ more citizen of this great city of Hathian.

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